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Roxanne Jasparro

 I'm a Cabot Priestess Witch, Psychic Medium, Pet Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach and an artist. I'm so very humbled that I'm able to live my dream of helping people in magical ways. My mission is to help others live their lives to the fullest by understanding universal energy and how they can reach for the stars.

Suzanne Emmonds

Colleen R. Brophy


Colleen is a paralegal, dog trainer/behavioral consultant, animal safety advocate, pet rescuer, wildlife rehabber, autism warrior, and holistic wellness coach, with a Capricorn brain that never turns off, and a Cancer mooned heart that never gives up hope in the goodness of people. 

Scholastically she has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Providence College and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) certificate course from Tulane University.  To satisfy her quench of esoteric knowledge and insight, she started her journey down the red road over 25 years ago, having studied many sacred disciplines including Astrology, Kabbalah, Wicca, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Crystal Therapy, Reiki, and Shamanism. 

She considers herself an Earth Keeper, and as such aspires with, for, and through animals to provide opportunities of healing and new beginnings for “both ends of the leash.” By offering a cross-walk of opportunities where we go back to basics - trust our primal, ancient instincts and look at life whole-istically and harness this body, mind, and spirit approach.

Blending her two passions - nature and ancient wisdom – her goal is to help empower and educate pets and their people to receive maximum benefits. Whether it be through training a dog, having a divination reading, employing the medicine of the plants, or working with energy, we are all working on a social, emotional, physical, or educational challenge.  She trusts that with divinely supporting our body, mind, and spirit with all things natural and of the Earth, our body has the ability to restore itself and maintain wellness on all levels.  

* Colleen offers intuitive readings in astrology, tarot, and/or animal totems, traditional shamanic energy healing sessions, and classes in basic/advanced dog training (including emotional support, therapy, and service dogs), and holistic wellness consultations.  

All classes are family friendly, small, without judgment, and customized to the individual needs of students.  


Psychic Medium Readings/Reiki/Yoga/IET

~ Pet Readings

~ Tarot Readings

~ Medium Readings

~ Reiki and IET Healings

~ Yoga and Meditation classes


All natural products

~ Goats Milk, Glycerin, White soaps with essential oils and home grown herbs

~ Scrubs made with essential oils and herbs

~ Teas, Essaic Teas, herbal suppliments

~ Incenses

~ Stones

~ Metaphysical Items


Handmade Items

~ Jewelry

~ Clothes

~ Soy Candles

~ Blankets

~ Hand Bags

~ Metapysical Items

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Reiki Healing, Animal Healing/Communication, Past Life Reiki Sessions, Tarot Readings and Mediumship Readings, Henna Tattoos, Yoga and Meditation.

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