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Where individuals can learn about the world and universe in and around them through a spiritual and scientific lens.

Society of Bewitches

Learn how to access the power around all living things and utilize its amazing benefits. These power channels are far greater than what’s apparent to the average person because it’s far greater than the ordinary. It’s Supernatural. I see it as energy that lies within all of us and the universe around us. It’s natural for us to access its potential at any given time. The energy of the universe is an ebb and flow and its “Super” and “Natural” in nature.

It’s my passion and calling to teach about the unknown and all things “Witch” related through collective thought and bringing light to the understanding of who a “witch” is and how a witch was viewed in history through historical facts and open discussion. The word “Witch” is a beautiful feminine and masculine energy and it’s my honor to bring it out of the darkness and into the light. It’s time the world understands the life of a modern-day witch and his or her true nature!

Be the light the world sees in its Darkest Moments –Roxanne Jasparro

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