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Roxanne Jasparro ~Shop Owner


I'm a Psychic Medium, Pet Psychic Medium, Reiki Master Teacher and an artist. I started my journey as a child with gifts that no one understood except my grandmother Mary aka Grams the Witch. She told me I was a witch and taught me to believe in myself and the magic within me and the universe. I will be always eternally grateful. A trip to Salem Massachusetts in 2012 with my best friend Tara, wearing a custom witch hat I made for myself started my journey. Everyone we saw asked if it was for sale that's when I got the idea to make and sell them. Salem was my grandmothers favorite place with my aunt Barbara and now mine. When she took her trips to Salem Massachusetts and she always brought me home something witch related either a book or item from Laurie Cabot's store, since I could re member. Now I create one of a kind witch hats and items in memory of her.  I'm part of Salem Massachusetts Arts Association and sold my hats in Enchanted in Salem Laurie Cabot sells her creations. Her daughter Penny Cabot was the first to buy a witch hat from me. I went from selling in Salem to doing readings and selling my items at home parties to now having my own shop, "Bewitched of Scituate." Where healing can be provided and beautiful energy items from myself and local artist are sold. Everything in my shop is handmade or vintage creations. I have a holistic area with herbals and stones. I have classes on all subjects and special guest appearances. I do private, group and phone readings. I brought a little bit of my Salem Massachusetts family history to the charming town of Scituate Village RI. tarot reading retail

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One of a kind custom created witch hats big and small for all ages!

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